Dr. D.P. Jayaram, B.Sc. MBBS, M.Sc(Med) Penna*

In our country, hospitals and medical college have been in existence for over 200 years.  But a separate department for the treatment of skin diseases was started in J.J. Hospital attached to the Grant Medical College, Bombay in the year 1885 by Dr. C. Fernandes, M.D. (Brussels).

Dr. U.B. Narayana Rao of Bombay was publishing a journal under the name “Indian Journal of Dermatology”. In the year 1947, due to his earnest efforts the Indian Association of Dermatologists and Venereologists (I.A.D.V.) was started.  The first All India conference of the association was held in Bombay, on 27th December 1947.  It was presided by Dr. R.V. Rajam of Madras Medical College; Dr. U.B. Narayana Rao was the Secretary.  The Journal that he was publishing became the official organ of the association under the name “Indian Journal of Dermatology and Venereology”.  The I.A.D.V. was affiliated to the  international league of Dermatological Societies and became a member of the Medical  Associations and Societies of India.

The I.A.D.V. was started with 54 founder members and had four regional branches – North, South, East and West. The Southern branch had members from Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala.  By 1966, the membership rose to 212 with 41 from the South.  In 1970, Kerala left the Southern branch and formed a South-West branch.  Karnataka and Tamilnadu members continued to meet under the southern branch of I.A.D.V. By 1972, the I.A.D.V. had a membership of 302 with the southern branch contributing 51 of them.

With a small membership in the early years, IADV conferences were held once in five years at metropolitan cities – Calcutta (1952).  Madras (1957) and Bombay (1962).  During these fifteen years the membership increased significantly and it was felt desirable to hold conferences annually.  Dr. S.C. Desai of Bombay made this possible by associating I.A.D.V. with the Association of Physicians of India (A.P.I.) and holding our conference along with their annual meetings.  These joint annual conferences of A.P.I. and I.A.D.V. were convenient in some ways and continued from 1963 to 1974.

A decade after the formation of I.A.D.V. the Dermatologic Society of India (D.S.I) was started in Madras by Dr. A.S. Thambiah, exclusively for the Dermatologists.  The existence of two parallel associations in the country was not desirable.  On 28-01-1973, at Udaipur, during the Joint Annual Conference of A.P.I. the two associations, viz. I.A.D.V. and D.S.I. merged together to form the “Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists” (I.A.D.V.L.) with a new constitution and bye-laws.  Prof. B.N. Banerjee became the first President and Dr. L.K. Bhutani the first Hon. General Secretary.  A new emblem with the year 1973 inscribed on it came into existence.  The name of the Journal published by I.A.D.V. was changed to “Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology” (I.J.D.V.L.).  The historic Udaipur Conference thus became the 1st National Conference of I.A.D.V.L.

By the mid seventies, the membership of our association soared in line with the increase in the number of Medical Colleges in the Country.  It was thus felt desirable to hold our conferences separately, independent of the A.P.I.   The first independent nation conference of I.A.D.V.L. was held in Trivandrum from 14-16 January 1975.  A special issue of I.J.D.V.L. was brought out in September 1975 to commemorate this event.

The present emblem of I.A.D.V.L. with 1973 inscribed gives the impression that there was no association of Dermatologists prior to that year.  It is desirable to change the amblem to indicate that the I.A.D.V.L. is a successor of I.A.D.V. (1947) and D.S.I.

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*(Born in 1917 at Mysore, Dr. D.P. Jayaram is the seniormost Dermatologist in Karnataka today.  He was trained under Prof. Donald M Pillsbury for his M.Sc (Med) in Dermatology and Syphilology at the University of Pennsylavania, USA, between 1947 and 1949.  He served in different Medical Colleges at Mysore, Bangalore & Hubli and retired as Professor of Dermatology in 1974.  Since then Dr. Jayaram is practicing as a Consultant in Bangalore.  He was the President of I.A.D.V. in 1971) 

I.A.D.V.L. K.T. BRANCH (1973 – 1993)
Dr. D.A. Satish, M.D. (AIIMS) President, IADVL – KT Branch (1993)

The Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and Leprologists (I.A.D.V.L.) came into existence on the 29th of January 1973 at Udaipur with the merger of the Indian Association of Dermatologists and Venereologists (IADV) and the Dermatologic Society of India (D.S.I).  Till 1973, members from Karnataka and Tamilnadu were meeting under the southern branch of I.A.D.V.  With the formation of I.A.D.V.L. members from different states of the country were allowed to form their own separate branches.  Members from Karnataka and Tamilnadu decided to stay together and form a combined branch.

On the 15th of June 1973, at Madras, under the Chairmanship of Dr. A. Krishna the combined Karnataka – Tamilnadu branch of I.A.D.V.L. was inaugurated.  The inaugural meet was held at the P.G. Hall, Government General Hospital, Madras.  About 15 members, attended the first meeting.  Apart from Dr. A. Krishna, Dr. Mathai, Dr. K.M. Prakash, Dr. A. Thonthiraj, Dr. C.N. Pandurangan and Dr. V. Rajashekharan were some of the other members who attended the meeting.

Three meetings were held in the inaugural year (1973) at Madras, CMC, Vellore and K.R. Hospital, Mysore.  The clinical meetings included discussion of interesting cases and were very informative.  A total of 15 meetings were held between 1973 and 1980 at different venues in Tamilnadu and Karnataka.  The annual conferences were generally held in Bangalore in November or December.  For two consecutive years in 1982 and 1983 a record number of 4 meetings in a year were held. Subsequently it was decided to have 3 meetings a year.  From 1988 onwards, the numbers of meetings were reduced to two a year.

As the Conferences became more and more popular, the scopes of the meetings were gradually enlarged.  Apart from case discussions and guest lectures, scientific sessions of free papers from members and award paper presentations from postgraduates cane into vogue.  Quiz sessions from postgraduates which were introduced in the mid eighties became an instant success.  It has become a regular affair in every meeting since then.

The membership of the branch gradually increased in number.  Initially there were more members from Karnataka.  The Tamilnadu members joined in large numbers in 1985.  The total membership especially the life membership soared from 1989 onwards.  Presently, the Karnataka-Tamilnadu branch is the largest branch of I.A.D.V.L. with nearly 350 members.

In 1985, to encourage publication of papers in IJDVL from Karnataka and Tamilnadu, the branch decided to award cash awards to the first author of the papers published.  A record number of 11 papers were published in a recent issue of IJDVL by members from our states.

In the annual meeting of the branch held in Madras in November 1988, Dr. K.Rajendran of Madras suggested that a combined meet of southern states could be organized.  The historic first south zone conference of IADVL was held on the 15th and 16th of September 1990 at Cochin in Kerala.  The 2nd South Zone Conference was held at Madras in 1991 and the third at Gulbarga in November 1992.  The Conferences have been well attended and highly successful.  Consequently from 1993 onwards it has been decided to have only one IADVL, KT Branch conference a year in the month of May.  The annual general body meeting of the branch will now be held along with the south zone conferences to be held in November every year.

The 25th meeting of IADVL, KT Branch was held at CMC, Vellore on 12-03-1983.  The 50th meeting of the branch was combined with the south zone conference held in Gulbarga in November 1992.  The 51st conference of our branch is being hosted at Bangalore on the 8th of May 1993.

Since the members were started increasing in numbers both state office bearers were decided to have separate state branches and got separated on August 2009 in 73rd IADVL KT conference at Erode. Dr Raghavendra Topkhane has been elected as president and Dr Raghunatha Reddy R as Secretary for IADVL KARNATAKA Branch.

IADVL, KT Branch Conferences (1973 – 2009)

Sl. No. Year Date Venue
1 1973 15/06/1973 PG Hall, Govt. Gen. Hospital, Madras
2   11/09/1973 CMC Hospital, Vellore
3   10/11/1973 K.R. Hospital, Mysore
4 1974 10/11/1974 Victoria Hospital, Bangalore
5 1975 15/03/1975 Mangalore
  29/09/1975 J.J.M. Medical College, Davanagere
7 1976 13/11/1976 Victoria Hospital, Bangalore
8 1977 09/04/1977 Madurai
9   09/07/1977 Stanley Medical College, Madras
10   20/11/1977 Victoria Hospital, Bangalore
11 1978 12/08/1978 CMC Hospital, Vellore
12   22/10/1978 S.N.R. Hospital, Kolar
13   09/12/1978 Victoria Hospital, Bangalore
14 1979 10/03/1979 ITI Hospital, Bangalore
15   08/12/1979 Command Hospital, Bangalore
16 1980 12/07/1980 Bangalore
17   27/09/1980 Stanley Medical College, Madras
18   13/12/1980 CSI Hospital, Bangalore
19 1981 11/07/1981 IMA Hall, Bangalore
20   12/12/1981 Command Hospital, Bangalore
21 1982 21/03/1982 IMA, Salem
22   26/06/1982 Davanagere
23   11/09/1982 A.N.M. Hostel, Tumkur
24   11/12/1982 Bowring Hospital, Bangalore
25 1983 12/03/1983 CMC Hospital, Vellore
26   11/06/1983 Stanley Medical College, Madurai
27   24/09/1983 Madurai Medical College, Madurai
28   10/12/1983 Command Hospital, Bangalore
29 1984 14/04/1984 Davanagere
30   18/08/1984 CMC Hospital, Vellore
31   08/12/1984 CSI Hospital, Bangalore
32 1985 27/04/1985 Hassan
33   10/08/1985 Hotel Savera, Madras
34   14/12/1985 IMA Hall, Bangalore
35 1986 26/04/1986 KMC, Mangalore
36   09/08/1986 Madurai
37   13/12/1986 Madras
38 1987 25/04/1987 IMA Hall, Bangalore
39   08/08/1987 Salem
40   12/12/1987 Mysore Medical College, Mysore
41 1988 14/05/1988 Davanagere
42   12/11/1988 Madras
43 1989 13/05/1989 Coimbatore
44   09/12/1989 Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore
45 1990 12/05/1990 KMC, Hubli
46   10/11/1990 Mangalore
47 1991 11/05/1991 Madurai
48   10/11/1991
49 1992 16/05/1992 Chidambaram
50   13/11/1992
51 1993 08/05/1993 Holiday Inn, Bangalore
52 1994 May1994 Trichy
53 1995 May1995 Mangalore
54 1996 11-05-96 Hassan
55 1997 10-05-97 Nagercoil
56 1998 09-05-98 BMC Bangalore
57 1999 08-05-99 Trichy
58 2000 13-05-00 Manipal
59 2001 12-05-01 Salem
60 2002 12-05-02 Hubli
61 2003 10-05-03 Chidambaram
62 2004 08-05-04 Mysore
63 2005 14-05-05 Trichy
64 2006 13-14-05-06 Belgaum
65 2007 12-13-05-07 Kodaikanal
66 2008 9-11-05-08 Mangalore
67 2009 08-09-08-09 Erode

* These K.T. Branch meetings were held along with South Zone Conferences 

Office Bearers of IADVL KT Branch *

Year President Secretary
1973 Dr. D.P. Jayaram, Bangalore Dr. A. Krishna, Madras
1974 Dr. D.P. Jayaram Dr. A. Krishna
1975 Dr. T.V. Venkateshan, Madurai Dr. A. Krishna
1976 Dr. T.S. Sambasivan, Bangalore Dr. K.M. Prakash, Bangalore
1977 Dr. K. Harijeevan Shetty, Bangalore Dr. K. Siddappa, Davanagere
1978 Dr. A. Krishna, Madras Dr. K. Siddappa
1979 Dr. K.M. Prakash, Bangalore Dr. K. Siddappa
1980 Dr. K.M. Rama Rao, Bangalore Dr. K. Dinakar Rao, Bangalore
1981 Dr. K. Siddappa, Davanagere Dr. Mary Jacob, Vellore
1982 Dr. J.T. Marshall, Bangalore Dr. Mary Jacob
1983 Dr. (Mrs). R, Mathai, Vellore Dr. K. Lakshmana Rao, Bangalore
1984 Dr. R.K. Dutta, Bangalore Dr. K. Lakshmana Rao
1985 Dr. J.N. Shetty, Mangalore Dr. K. Lakshmana Rao
1986 Dr. K. Yellappa, Bangalore Dr. V. Harshan, Madurai
1987 Dr. T.C. Muthuswamy, Madras Dr. V. Harshan
1988 Dr. C.N. Mohanavelu, Salem Dr. Jayakar Thomas, Madras
1989 Dr. S.R. Prabhakar, Bangalore Dr. D.A. Satish, Bangalore
1990 Dr. K. Rajendran, Madras Dr. D.A. Satish
1991 Dr. Jayakar Thomas, Madras Dr. H. Hanumanthappa, Hubli
1992 Dr. P.M. Birader, Gulbarga Dr. H. Hanumanthappa
1993 Dr. D.A. Satish, Bangalore Dr. P.V.S. Prasad, Chidambaram
1994 Dr. Jayaraman,Chennai Dr. PVS Prasad
1995 Dr. Hanumanthappa,Mysore Dr. Balasubramaniam
1996 Dr. Grubb,Chennai Dr. Balasubramaniam
1997 Dr. Ganesh Pai,Mangalore Dr. Sachidanand.S,Bangalore
1998 Dr. C.R.Srinivas,Coimbatore Dr. Sachidanand.S,Bangalore
1999 Dr. Balasubramanian,Trichy Dr. AJS.Pravin,Nagercoil
2000 Dr. V.R.Janaki,Chennai Dr. A.J.s.Pravin
2001 Dr. PVS Prasad,Chidambaram Dr. Prabhakar.M.Sangoli,Bangalore
2002 Dr. B.D.Sathya Narayana,Bangalore Dr. Sarveshwari,Chennai
2003 Dr. Sachidanand.S,Bangalore Dr. Sarveshwari
2004 Dr. AJS.Pravin,Nagercoil Dr. Ramesh.Bhat.M,Mangalore  
2005 Dr. Balachandran C Dr. Ramesh Bhat M, Mangalore 
2006 Dr. PrabhakarM.Sangolli, Bangalore Dr. R.Rajesh, Perundurai
2007 Dr. K.N.Sarveshwari Dr. R.Rajesh, Perundurai.
2008 Dr. Jayadev Betkerur Dr. Raghunatha Reddy.R
* Office Bearer’s list till 1984 has been complied through “Association News” published in IJDVL and also after personal communication and discussion with Dr. K. Siddappa and Dr. D.P. Jayaram. Any error or omission is regretted.

IADVL Presidents from Karnataka & Tamilnadu

Year President
1947 Dr. R.V. Rajam, Madras
1967 Dr. P.N. Rangiaha, Madras
1971 Dr. D.P. Jayaram, Bangalore
1977 Dr. T.V. Venkateshan, Madurai
1983 Dr. A. Krishna, Madras
1990 Dr. K. Siddappa, Davanagere
1998 Dr.Jayakar Thomas, Chennai
2000 Dr.Ganesh S Pai, Mangalore
2008 Dr S Sacchidanand
2011 Dr S D N Gupta
* Joint Conferences with API
Year Venue
1957 3rd Annual Conference – Madras
1965* 7th Annual Conference – Bangalore
1971* 13th Annual Conference – Mangalore
1975 3rd National Conference - Trivandrum
1983 11th National Conference – Mangalore
1983 11th National Conference – Mangalore
1993 21st National Conference – Manipal
1995 23rd National Conference - Madras
2000 28th National Conference - Bangalore
2007 35th National Conference - Chennai
2009 37th National Conference - Bangalore

IADVL National presidents from Karnataka & Tamilnadu

1977 Dr.T V Venkateshan, Madurai
1983 Dr. A Krishna, Madras
1986 Air Comdr. R K Dutta,Bangalore
1990 Dr. K.Siddappa, Davanagere
1998 Dr. Jayakar Thomas, Chennai
2000 Dr. Ganesh S Pai, Mangalore
2008 Dr. Sacchidanand. S, Bangalore
2011 Dr S D N Gupta, Bangalore

Former Editor ( IJDVL )

Dr. R Mathai of CMC, Vellore was Editor of IJDVL for 10 years (1974-1984)

Office Bearers at National Level from Karnataka

Dr. Sachidanand
Dr. S D N Gupta
Dr. Arun C Inamdar
Dr. Ramesh Bhat M
Dr. Jaidev Betkerur
National Secretary (2002-06)
Treasurer (2002-06)
Vice President (2006)
General Secretary (2010-12)
Treasurer (2010-12)