Vision and Mission

Vision Charter for KN Branch of IADVL

We the members of KN Branch, hereby undertake:

  • That we will strive to uphold the high traditions  of IADVL and strive to enhance its prestige
  • That we will implement with utmost zeal, efficiency and competence,  all programs of IADVL for the betterment of our members and community at large
  • That we will strive for excellence in all spheres, to carry forward the image and prestige of IADVL, at all levels, even on to global.

It shall be our endeavor to implement the following programs within our branch:

  • Implement programs for continuing medical education of members, both at state level and also at zonal/city levels. That at least one event is held quarterly at each of these levels
  • Conduct CME programs in subspecialties( Dermatopathology, dermatosurgery, contact dermatitis, Paediatric dermatology, photodermatology) at least once  year at each zonal society
  • Strive to create a pool of trained staff at each postgraduate institution; one staff member from each college should be trained in a subspecialty
  • Conduct  programs for enhancing efficiency and competence of our practising dermatologists in a separate practitioners forum, at least once a year
  • Conduct teaching programs for postgraduates, separately for final years and for second years at least once a year
  • Promote research at all levels
  • Encourage achievers through awards
  • Promote community health education through public meetings, health camps, brochures, during vitiligo day, psoriasis day and during CUTICON
  • Establish understanding and contact with local IMA branches and organize programs for education of general practitioners
  • Ensure financial and ethical  prudence and fiscal discipline in the affairs of the association
  • Promote brotherhood amongst members
  • Help and assist members practice ethically and cleanly